ABC gets tough with “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg in response to her numbskull comment about the Holocaust. The network’s disciplinary or punitive action is as pathetic a charade as a megamillions quarterback or roundball forward being hanky-slapped with a $5,000 fine.

CNN recently fired prime-time anchor Chris Cuomo over more than one issue, the State of New York put his corrupt brother out of office, and social media excoriating ABC and Disney over the firing of Roseanne Barr for less. The cancellers have made themselves the chancellors of a new Imperator, destroying the lives and fortunes of whichever public or private figure offends against their lunacies. And Whoopi receives a two-week vacation. With pay?

On the Monday View broadcast, Goldberg characterized one among the most horrible episodes of twentieth century as “man’s inhumanity to man”. Her cohorts insistently replied that the Holocaust was about ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacy’, largely ignoring the fact that the Nazis rounded up the prostitutes and homosexuals no matter their skin color. Add to that the Nazi hatred of the very white Marxists whom they either persecuted or expelled.

Speaking as one who only views “The View” from the reports of their idiocies, fire them all. Now, to hard-working people who matter…


As a former owner-operator of a tractor-trailer over 48 states and Canada, I participated in the trucker shutdowns that arose in late 1973. Our front-page coverage did not last very long. For on Day Four of our protests, the newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped. The media found her far more interesting as an elite who became the anarchist “Comrade Tania”, and our thunder was relegated to page C3 and Walter Cronkite single sentences.

We were not alone in the world. The overthrow of Salvator Allende’s Chilean government was in part fomented by trucker strikes and shutdowns in October of 1972. The link is here: https://read.dukeupress.edu/hahr/article/54/4/750/151359/Disaster-in-Chile-Allende-s-Strategy-and-Why-it

Such protests via transportation shutdowns and union strikes are common in our own country and others in the free world. And so are the mythologies created by pundits loyal to the powers that be and the players desirous of capitalizing on the protests.


What violence? Who manufactured these “concerns”? It is little different than in 1973-74, the similar presumptions bearing no substance other than the usual fisticuffs and verbosity associated with tough, rough-living men and women. But some pundit predicts overt mayhem at the next major event (read Super Bowl) and thus it shall be, until the truckers give them the lie.

Then there were the contrived rumors of starving people trapped on interstate routes and of pregnant women having to give birth on the Ohio Turnpike as the trucker slow-rolling and blockades prevented them from getting to the hospital in time. First there were three incidents, in which one of the women reportedly died in the car. Then, nope, only one. And then there were none.

The aftermath of our protests brought forth the “Convoy” sort of country and western songs, while the entertainment capitalists brought forth movies presenting truckers as drugged-up whoremongers and overt thugs who “got a hundred buddies” to deal with you if you cross them. The tedious TV shows such as “Movin’ On” (did those two ever actually haul a load?) distorted to extremes the actual lives and trials endured by road drivers. Following such fictitious media depictions, the country endured yet another trial by TV, the insufferable “B.J. and the Bear” series.


The Commandment against bearing a false witness against one’s neighbor includes politicians and media fabricating tales about what might happen, or what one feels ought to happen.

So observe the Freedom Convoys wherever they occur, watch for the rumors, and the publicity, and the capitalizing to follow, either stigmatizing or trivializing the men and women at the wheels of the “big wheels that keep rollin’ on” while looking out for us and delivering most everything we need.

Father David+


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