So Mr. Biden announces a commission, bipartisan of course, to commence a 180-day study to stack the Supreme Court. The Hill reports that, Oh Yes, there will be some conservatives on that commission. We will examine that claim below and the composition of the commission when announced. The Hill reported: [https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/547359-biden-to-establish-commission-to-study-expanding-supreme-court?userid=384982&rl=1]

“Biden in October said he was “not a fan” of the so-called court-packing option, a proposal to expand the number of seats on the court as a way to dilute the influence of conservative majority. Six of the nine justices on the court are now conservative jurists.”

FWIW, my own take is 5 1/2 to 3 1/2.

But the whining and crying and the ‘everything-is-on-the-table’ screaming seems unbelievable, incredulous, as the liberals and certain political appointees without prior judicial experience have held sway over the Court since the time of Roosevelt and Truman. I have lived through the years of the ‘Impeach Earl Warren’ billboards dotting the landscapes and the Burger court that gave us Roe Vs. Wade. But now the Left desires ‘balance’?

The Hill article concludes:
“Other proposed measures include narrowing the court’s jurisdiction, requiring a super-majority for decisions on some legal matters of consequence and imposing rules to create more ideological balance in the court’s composition.”

We leave it to you, the reader, to parse the three proposed measures of the prior sentence and draw your own conclusion.

It seems that it all starts when someone hits them baaack

After some time has passed since the COVID vaccine became available, and even before that, we increasingly read of certain elements refusing to get the shot(s). White evangelicals are a favorite target, as are singled-out ethnic groups that don’t happen to be one’s own. Both the President and Vice President et. al. publicly refused to take the “Trump” vaccine, as if there were such a thing concocted in Dr. Trump’s diabolical laBORatory of horrors. Actually, Mr. Trump did not spend much time in his basement…

But the Dems refused, yet now blame those who refuse to take the shot(s) as Trump followers.
To me and to others who received the vaccine when available to us, the blame-game does not matter. Sufficient time has passed for everyone able (not everyone is) to have the vaccine to make their decision.

Then if you choose not to, the consequences should be placed on no one other than you who refused. The blame-game ends…


  1. Banning ‘ghost guns’?? Go try, just try to buy one. These are ‘ghosts’ all right. I have not seen one available for some time. And thanks, Dems, most of us peasants can no longer afford to buy one even if we can find one to buy, yes, thanks to you lot!
    Moreover, once one completes the assembly, these contraptions require something, ohhh, I think it was called ‘ammunition’. The rifles aside, I have been on pistol ammunition waiting lists like forever.
  2. The discerning reader should fact-check the so-called Charleston and other loop holes. FBI computer glitches and repetitive failures of law enforcement to do their jobs do not a loophole make.
  3. Pistol braces, is it… Pistol braces… I might fashion something from a block of wood or a tree limb having the same effect. More Leftist busy-work to make these people look busy, harassing law-abiding firearm owners.
  4. Assault weapons, assault weapons, assault weapons, Mr. Biden. None of you have any idea of what that is, how that concept is yet to be clearly defined, and how these are to be utilized in assault situations. Whether someone might go into an ‘assault’ situation with an AR-15 is questionable. But anyone can assault you with a club, a knife, you get the idea?
  5. For what your ‘high capacity magazine’ ban is worth, many of us have more than one smaller magazine for our pistols. We can change them in not much more than one second.
  6. ‘Red flag’ laws – Not only is this a totalitarian repudiation of the Fourth Amendment pertaining to due process of law…
    But in my reading about these mass shooting incidents and even in true crime stories, all but one displayed the complete and total incompetence of both federal and local law enforcement agencies witnessed by their repetitive, persistent refusal to arrest these monsters when the evidence was right in front of them on numerous occasions.
    And can you, dear reader, spell ‘Robespierre’? If not, search his name under the French Revolution as he encouraged neighbor to tattle on neighbor. and ‘neighbor’ used that to exact revenge upon whoever troubled them last, or never troubled them at all…
  7. Some blather about intervention programs in violence-prone communities? Review these mass shooting incidents to determine how many of these occurred in such locales. The schools, the malls, the airports, the city office buildings… Sorry, Mr. Biden, wrong again.
    Finally, not one mention anywhere of the mental illness and spiritual issues afflicting this country. And these are nothing new, as I have watched them growing since the late 1960s…
    Change the culture, make your enforcement agencies clean up their own act, stop shoving your Leftist designs down the throats of normal, healthy people who are not the ideologues that you want to ‘demagogue’!


A $1.52 trillion budget request, then $2.3 trillion infrastructure package and subsequent $2 trillion measure focused on issues like child care and college tuition.

That’s another $4.3 trillion over and above what it takes to keep the government running for how long this time? We just spent, oh, $1.9 trillion, a little dab of which expenditure actually went for COVID-19 relief.

Call that $6.2 trillion or so? After the $1.9 trillion?
Our debt this morning was over $28 trillion. In less than ten years projections are as high as 100% of that amount, or $56 trillion.

Substantially, national bankruptcy has already occurred. The term ‘sovereign default’ is more appropriate to describe a nation’s inability to pay what is due when it is due. The interest on the national debt tops $1 billion dollars per day, yes, per day!

So we stare in the face of another sharp budget increase, at least another $4.3 trillion bringing the total to upwards of $32 trillion, and AOC is not through…

Blessings as we look to Easter 2,

Father David+

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