Watching the maps of Afghanistan displaying the daily growth of Taliban-controlled territories took us older folk back to maps of Vietnam on the evening news in 1975 as the North spread southward like a plague. Sending U. S. Marines back to evacuate the embassies? Tell me about it, as I recall many scaling the fences to steal their way onto a helicopter. Once again, twenty years for nothing, “just because some people did something”… [Ilhan Omar] Now we might ponder what’s next for us given the rear-view-mirror of 09/11/2001.

Segregated school classes in of all places, Atlanta, Georgia? A mother filed a complaint against the administrators of her daughter’s school for segregating thirteen second-grade black students into black-only classes.

Atlanta, Georgia, segregating black students after Atlanta Pastor MLK and others fought so bitterly against segregated schools…

“Nothing!-Will!-Stop!-Me!-From!-Vacation!!!” “(SMASH!)”

If the people behind the Kayak commercial thought about their pathologically deranged blonde with the meat hammer, screaming at her terrified companion while destroying her tablet computer, they might take stock of the escalated level of violence in this cursed culture and how Kayak’s repugnant commercial contributes to that…

Oh such smiles, miles of smiles, miles of smiles down the aisles… of the Texas Dems in their private jets fleeing the state, escape pods from doing their jobs… A dangerous precedent indeed, if every time the minority party simply goes where they cannot be immediately held to account in order to thwart whatever process they are unable to dominate.

Now we must thank them for the comic relief of their stupidity. Stealing a line from another commercial, Suing over WHAAAAT??

Soooo very racially and civilly oppressed, deprived of the comforts of family and friends by that mean ol’ racist governor who expects them to do their jobs…

And the ‘evangelical’ Max Lucado publishes this month’s book… telling us the same thing as the last one, and the one before that one, and the one…God is working behind the scenes for you, God is fighting for you… I must wonder, who is Lucado’s God fighting?

Go figure. To me it’s Manicheanism at minimum…

But for evidence that patriotism and sanity yet survive, kudos to Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s patriotism, to the wrestler with the mostest (who this ex-Marine does not much wanna ‘mess with’), The blessings of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be upon you, and your love of our country, when so many desire to tear it asunder…

And blessings on Mama’s food truck!!

Father David+

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