This is for me a bit difficult to write, as it will come across as an “I-told-you so!”

The identity of the Indianapolis Fedex shooter has been publicized. That is not so important as the announcement of the FBI having been to his house last year at his mother’s request to examine him as he spoke of ‘suicide by cop’. The agents examined the contents of his room and found nothing incriminating. AP noted in connection that “officers” seized a shotgun from his home, but the dates and times of these visits to the shooter do not appear in today’s releases.

In my post yesterday entitled “Culture Fomenting Mass Shootings”, I enumerated three steps to curb the mass shootings. One of them was for law enforcement to do its job! To reiterate, in almost every case of a mass shooting, the local and often federal agencies were aware of the potential perpetrators.

Considering the absence of further details, we do not know how much the law knew. Time and patience will tell.

But in the meantime, hasn’t Biden condemned the incident as part of an “epidemic of gun violence” once again? And the blame is already being placed on politicians who are “beholden to the gun lobby”. It appears that there is much more to the picture, as there is no such thing as “gun violence”. I have owned firearms for 60 years, and not one of them has ever committed an act of violence.

So we begin by waiting on and demanding further information that so happens to be true and to the point.

Additional questions come to mind. First, the shooter was a former employee of that facility. What did Fedex know when they hired him?

Secondly, as his mental condition was known to law enforcement “last year”, there needs to be an additional inquiry into whether his mother sought treatment from the mental health community. That is yet unknown as well.

These questions call for a complete answer, before the targeting of law-abiding citizens and the organizations to which they belong, etc., etc.

As it is written, “Thou shalt not bear a false witness against thy neighbor”.

Father David+

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