The evil in a definition

Biden, the Definition Maker in Chief, just gave a speech declaring half the country as semi-fascist. I guess there is still room for redemption before becoming full fascist. Except, the paths to redemption are too narrow which is to say…non-existent. And he did that with an angry face, screaming voice, arms raised at 45 degrees angle, dark red background and an optical illusion on the building behind him reminiscent of, wait for it, the Nazi Eagle.

The Left will have no problem with this because, according to them, you are allowed to put the fear of God into the semi-fascists while Hitler was targeting the innocent. The last was a criminal, the former is saving the “democracy”. What? Don’t you want to put in concentration camps the enemies of democracy and peace? Aren’t we celebrating dissidents like Claus von Stauffenberg who tried to assassinate Hitler? ( ). What’s wrong with this logic? 

As it turns out, quite a lot:

First, definitions matter and those who establish definitions matter even more. The Left controls the language and the Right underestimates this weapon at its own peril. Words like “semi-fascists”, “supremacists”, “racists” etc…mean whatever the definition maker decides them to mean. The only reason Mathematics is such a solid science, impenetrable from interpretation, is because all of it is built on definitions agreed upon by ALL. Whereas in politics, if the wolves form the Government, expect the sheep to become the mass murderer du jour. 

People tend to learn the wrong lessons from the perpetual Hitler comparisons and analogies. Nazis did not come to power by defining themselves as killing the innocent. They DEFINED their victims (Jews, Slavs, etc.)  as the mortal threat to the nation. Dissidents like von Stauffenberg were viewed as criminal traitors trying to destroy a legitimate government. January 6th anyone? People of today will say, well, yes but the Nazi regime was criminal and thus not legitimate. Problem is, it WAS legitimate according to its OWN definitions. And it was legitimate for a VAST majority of the elite and maybe even for the general population at the time. Including, by the way, intellectuals.

Of course, the Democrats and their stormtroopers talk about themselves as saviors of democracy. Hitler also thought himself (sincerely, I might add) as a savior of Germany. And many, many people believed him, especially those who tend to trust the Government agencies and the official narrative.

Once a regime believes that a category is a mortal threat, that is the moment of great peril for that category. Because someone who kills thinking he saves the country has a far bigger motivation than a regular criminal who knows he’s doing something wrong. The latter might still have a second thought of conscience at the last moment. The former will be determined to go to the end. Not out of hate. That is another misconception from the Holocaust. The worst Nazi criminals were those who viewed the extermination of Jews akin to cleaning the world of parasites. The pest exterminator does not hate the bugs in an infested area. But it kills them nonetheless as quickly and as completely as possible because there is no co-existence with the pests in the house. This is the explanation why some Nazis in charge of the death chambers were able to live with their families and children next to the camp where other families were burned. They did this by being loving fathers at the same time. 

Another fallacy is the idea that this is an exaggeration and that Biden obviously is not Hitler and there will be no death chambers. The problem is, the ideology and its principles are the same. Physical manifestations will be different but still criminal. And there are many, many ways to die. Physically and/or spiritually.

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