A waste of the public’s time, on our dime.

VP (or so we are told) Kamala Harris will appear on ABC’s The View program this morning (Friday). Please don’t watch it, as we wish to avoid giving that program higher ratings.

Softball anyone? Whiffleball? Race and gender, race and gender, the safe stuff, that’s what it will be topped off with a bit of irrational cackling, you get the idea, as this individual is incapable of an intelligent and informative leadership statement, or practice.

A waste of time… and why not? Harris wastes our time, on our dime. The morning shows noted well that Harris  somehow has time to be a guest on a prominent talk show, yet cannot seem to perform her duties as assigned by the President. And we the people are compelled to witness this behavior of hers that is more careless than incompetent. For almost anyone in such high office and charged with a public trust might actually care about the proper execution of her duties, and about the watching public.

But more than that are her frequent disappearances for short periods of time. Where she goes, who knows?? A waste of the public’s time, on our dime…


It’s showtime!! The ever posturing congresswoman and talk show megastar is so daft as to believe that someone, somewhere, will view her angry-child petulant sulk for other than what it is, another pathetic instance of performance art. Whether she is any good at it, you the reader decide.

The vote on Israel’s Iron Dome funding in the House was 420-9, The ‘Squad’ +4 (at last count). So the union seems to be safe for the moment at least.

But how such individuals manage to get themselves reelected is testimony not to their demonstrated abilities, but to the lack of civil comprehension and sense on the part of the aggregate of their district’s constituents. People do not get the kind of government they deserve, as the customary saying has it. In our winner-take-all system, only the victors get the kind of government they want. The rest of us go unrepresented and offended by the phony posturing on the part of those who are chosen to wield authority.

It appears that the majority of voters in her district augmented by the tons of money dumped on this pop-star from elsewhere enjoy this sort of performance art and empty-headed hell-raising. So look forward to her reelection in 2022.

For it’s showtime! But we choose not to watch…

Father David+

PS: Look for the addition of two other authors soon.

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