[THIS IS A REPOSTING OF THE SAME TITLE THAT I WROTE LAST SPRING. I POST IT AGAIN IN VIEW OF THE TRIAL OF TWO CHRISTIAN LEADERS IN FINLAND CONTINUING TODAY. JOY PULLMAN OF THE FEDERALIST.COM REPORTS ON THE NATURE OF THIS PERSECUTION HERE: https://thefederalist.com/2022/02/14/finnish-christian-on-trial-for-quoting-the-bible-on-twitter-god-is-working/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=finnish-christian-on-trial-for-quoting-the-bible-on-twitter-god-is-working&utm_term=2022-02-14 I POST IT AGAIN TO REMINDContinue Reading

The Associated Press reported Monday that the Vatican is warning U.S. bishops to carefully evaluate any proposals aimed at barring pro-choice Catholic politicians from receiving Holy Communion in the Church. The report by David Crary [https://apnews.com/article/religion-058bdc0c37aa5ee780e18f4666a999ee] cites a letter from Cardinal Luis Ladaria, Prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for theContinue Reading