This morning’s must-read comes to us via Rachel Bovard of the Federalist and the Conservative Partnership Institute, here:

Ms. Bovard draws up a readably concise summary of the provisions contained in the “bipartisan infrastructure bill”. But she goes beyond that to remind us of the inconceivable betrayals along the bill’s path to date on the part of the RINOs in both the House and the Senate.

On one particular note, the bill goes far beyond merely offering “free preschool” so that mothers can return to work (thus handing over their children’s souls to the government for its ideological tutelage). It does not give parents the option of in-home child care. But more notably it mandates that all preschool teachers have a college degree.

Isn’t college where the Leftist brainwashings are “installed” in future teachers?

You who betray, Beware! For 2022 cometh to a precinct near you, soon and very soon…

Father David+

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