Slow down the diagnosing to save the planet. Who would think that?

There are more and more signs that the globalist agenda is to use the climate change/”save the planet” excuse for unthinkable experiments on the masses. The article in the link below raises the alarm that overdiagnosis is increasing the carbon footprint. It turns out that, in order to save the planet, is not enough to give up cars, live in cramped condominiums and get everything from Amazon. No. You also need to slow down that curiosity you may have about that possible early stage cancer. You know, the stage when something can be done about it.

To be fair, diagnosing is a tricky business and, of course, nobody can do ALL tests for no reasons at once. However, does anybody think that the elite will comply with the diagnosing quota? Their pedestal is a forever exception to the very rule they implement. None of the powerful behind grand ideas to save the planet will ever endure the consequences of their rules. By the way, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg survived five different cancers including two pancreatic ones (one of the deadliest types) until she died at 90. If you think this was achieved with concerns about too much diagnosis (or carbon footprint for that matter) then I have a bridge to sell you.


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