[ Below you will find my not-so-thrilled reply to another Indiana Republican Party fundraiser attempt. That is about all I hear from them, no real news except for what we have come to expect. Their missive is first, my reply below it. Father David+ ]

We haven’t heard from you. Are you in?

Matt Huckleby, Executive Director via Wed, Sep 29, 10:47 AM (19 hours ago)
to Hoosier
View this email in your browserHoosier Republican,

Our team wrote you a couple times last week – you may have missed our messages. 
We’re now JUST DAYS away from our End-of-Quarter fundraising deadline, and it’s vital that we have EVERY Hoosier Republican on board! 
Our records show you have not made a donation yet. I hope you’ll change that today. 
It’s all hands-on deck as we ramp up to KEEP INDIANA RED and TAKE BACK AMERICA
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As the team mentioned in our last email, our liberty and way of life are under attack. 
These far-left radicals MUST BE STOPPED… and we’re on the front line to make it happen, with a U.S. Senate seat on the ballot and a top competitive U.S. House race. 
Take a stand for Republican victory in 2022, as we ramp up now for the battle ahead. We just ran the numbers. We still need to raise $1,652 to reach our End-of-Quarter goal
Rush a $5, $10, $25, or $50 emergency contribution today, or more if you can. 
Matt Huckleby 
Executive Director, Indiana Republican Party 
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D <>6:38 AM (6 minutes ago)
to Executive

1. Your party has flip-flopped on the COVID restrictions since the onset of the pandemic, and since this archpriest of an Old Catholic order had to straighten up the Governor over his presumptive lordship extending even to how the Church is to observe the sacraments.

2. Your party stalled a bill for months that finally gave Indiana residents Constitutional Carry as have nearly half the other states, of which even the Leftist Vermont was the first. Then you nullify the bill due to ‘concerns’ of this or that group you cite while any intelligent being is left to wonder why you did not correct these ‘concerns’ while you waited.

Additionally this state still has unconstitutional questions in its concealed carry application process having to do with (a) different tracks for hunting/target practice over against full permitting, and (b) as the latter includes a question that insists I provide a doctor’s statement if I have ever been treated for even mild depression or other mental disorder quite apart from any adjudication thereof by a court of law, On the former, need you be reminded that the Second Amendment never had that first thing to do with hunting? 

3. The controversy over the Department of Education authorizing taxpayer funding of two Critical Race Theory advocates to speak before the Indiana Black Expo made The in its exposure to the public. This is a Red State?

4. The recent lawsuits of parents against schools alleging the abusive and arbitrary policies of state regulation authorizing them to dismiss students for periods of time over COVID allegations even though the students never tested positive for the disease is quite over the top.

And you call Indiana a “Red State”? The taxation is incredible as are the injustices of the county property tax systems, the infrastructure always in varied states of disrepair…

And as a retired state employee (Correctional Chaplain, Indiana State Prison, 2005-2013), the compensation and personnel policies of a far lower standard than other states. 

Does the Republican party want my money? Then deliver the goods!

Until then I will continue working with the younger set to create a different one.

V. Rev. David L. Rogers


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