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SHORESH, the newsletter of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (http://www.ifcj.org), reports in their July issue that the Palestinian Authority’s top judge stepped up warnings to Jews against “storming the Temple Mount”. He claimed such actions would set off religious war that would “burn the whole world”.

Mahmoud Al-Habbash called for Palestinians to defend the mosque by “intensifying your presence” and declared that “Al-Aqsa Mosque belongs to Muslims alone. Non-Muslims have no right to it, as stated in the Koran”. The article notes that Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem joined in the condemnation by declaring non-Muslim presence at the Western Wall a “heinous crime” and “warned that Israel was pushing the region toward a religious war.”

Jewish access to the Wailing Wall under Islamic domination of the Temple Mount for prayer has been irregular and spotty since the time of the Ottoman conquest roughly 500+ years ago. Acceptance of the children of Israel under the thumb of the Ottomans ranged from benevolent refuge to open hostility. Consider this photo of Jews storming the Temple Mount and committing their “heinous crimes” against Muslims.


We who dwell in the contemporary Western world witness the same unevenness regarding the treatment of the Jews. The vile, downright disgusting labeling of the iconic Anne Frank as an “heir of white supremacy” https://medium.com/afrosapiophile/anne-frank-white-privilege-984b93551bca, apparently was published by either a Native American (‘Johnny Silvercloud’) or by a Black author (‘afrosapiophile’ in the URL). Moreover, scroll down just a bit and you will read of how even Jesus of Nazareth had and has white privilege. Not only is that comment sheer blasphemy and a repudiation of Jesus the Jew in toto, but it constitutes an attack upon over 2 billion people currently alive on this planet who honors that Name above all names, these of all races and colors. That may even include some Jews who respect Jesus as a prophet, but not as the Son of God and God the Son. When ‘persons of color’ express the sort of deranged contempt expressed in the medium.com article, it isolates Jews in the same manner as the POC and BIPOC tags isolate White people. How best to oppose it? Speak up!

See my article entitled “TISHA B’AV AND DESECRATION BY THE HEATHENS” at: https://cultureholywar.com/tisha-bav-and-desecration-by-heathens/


Al Jazeera reported last October 10 that an Israeli (yes, an Israeli) higher court overturned and restored a judgment against a rabbi for praying while at the Al’Aqsa Mosque (https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/10/8/israeli-judge-upholds-ban-on-jewish-prayer-at-al-aqsa-compound) in Jerusalem. That judgment against the rabbi occurred only three days earlier and concluded in a two-week prohibition from visiting the mosque. The evidence against him? He was moving his lips. That motion just might offend some Muslims observing the rabbi’s inaudible but sacred lip-syncing directed at the wrong deity.

Unbelievably, the ban imposed on the rabbi came originally from the Israeli police. The Palestinians denounced the decision, fearing that the Jews were part of an intrusive movement or outright plot to infiltrate the mosque precincts. Threats of retaliatory violence were heightened, and the higher court reversed the prior ‘conviction’ and forbade the rabbi from praying at the mosque.

It reminds of a slur we used to trot out whenever an encounter with an habitually untrustworthy individual did indeed prove false. “Ya know how to tell when ____________ is lyin’?, When his lips are movin’!”

So somehow in the mind of an Israeli justice, the potentially offended just might know how to tell when a Jew is praying? “When his lips are movin'”.


It seems that the persecution and false witness borne against the Jews is hardly a ‘white supremacist’ phenomena. We have come to expect the Palestinian aggression and opposition, especially due to their unhistorical position regarding ‘ownership’ of the Temple Mount. It was given to the Hebrew people long before the Islamic Crusades (take that, Obama) invaded and conquered the land given according to the promise to Abraham.

Now it seems that the POC crowd and the Twitter uneducated have piled on, climbing aboard the ‘white supremacist’ train, seemingly unaware of its destination. Factor into this equation “The Squad” and mainly Caucasian allies with their own brand of anti-Israel condemnations carrying over into the societal sum. Speaking as a Lutheran clergyman having had second-hand but close connections with the ‘Confessing Church” of 1930s and 1940’s Germany, the witness of the Niemollers and the Bonhoeffers must serve as warning to contemporaries who serve as puppets of the elite classes, fanning the flames of anti-Semitism unaware that when the Jews are persecuted the persecution of the Christians and everyone else is not far on its heels.

Fight the good fight,

Father David+

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