Biden, the Definition Maker in Chief, just gave a speech declaring half the country as semi-fascist. I guess there is still room for redemption before becoming full fascist. Except, the paths to redemption are too narrow which is to say…non-existent. And he did that with an angry face, screaming voice,Continue Reading

“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE BIONIC POOCHIE” is the title of my post from June 16th of 2021. I now resurrect it, giving it a thorough editing and augmentation after being thunderstruck by the analogies between A. I. and Psalm 115, highlighting the First Commandment along with a good excuse toContinue Reading

“STORMING” THE TEMPLE WALL? SHORESH, the newsletter of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (, reports in their July issue that the Palestinian Authority’s top judge stepped up warnings to Jews against “storming the Temple Mount”. He claimed such actions would set off religious war that would “burn theContinue Reading

GRETA RIDES AGAIN! The former Fox News prime-time star Greta VanSusteren graces the evening programming at Thus does NewsMax accelerate its drive to become number one in conservative news media. Placing Greta and her show “The Record” at the head of the evening line-up was a perceptive stroke onContinue Reading

Today is ‘Bright Monday’, the second day of the Easter cycle in Orthodox and some Western traditions. It follows on the Resurrection of Our Lord (Easter), the Orthodox Pascha. Bright Monday is to begin the week as a time of joy re-experienced and renewed after the Lenten discipline and theContinue Reading

[The following is excerpted from my post “WHINES, LIES, AND PAYING FOR THEM”, published April 10, 2021, concerning Biden’s speech about the so-called ‘ghost guns’ among other items on his agenda. And look up the name “Steve Dellenbach”, Biden’s new proposal for the ATF post.]. Banning ‘ghost guns’?? Go try,Continue Reading

CRACKER ‘JILL’? The Frito-Lay division of the PepsiCo conglomerate announced last week that it is spawning a new companion to the historic CrackerJack brand labeled “Cracker Jill”. The brand is aimed at celebrating women in sports and their achievements, while simultaneously encouraging other younger women and girls to “go forContinue Reading