The current government barely touches the causes of mental illnesses in this country. I wonder if the current government is partly responsible for them. The instances are many, but here are a few samples:

          Calling for the defunding of the police repeatedly, then doing the about-face and blaming the opposition for instigating the call to defund the police…

          Mandating, no, dictating that We the Peasants must remain locked down while the dictators freely travel to their vacation homes and their beauty parlors, sans passports and hypocritically unmasked. Their message persists, ‘comply or you may die’.

          A judge perpetuating the enslavement of an internationally known and fully functioning pop megastar on grounds of coping and other issues long past.

The term ‘gaslighting’, as many are aware by now, comes from a 1944 movie wherein the protagonist is gradually made by her lover to believe that she is insane. I say ‘gradually’ as her antagonist boyfriend uses the tactics of convincing her that she is becoming deranged while taking advantage of her isolation in the home where her aunt was murdered.

Over 600,000 Americans died in our country, this home of ours. We have been and are constantly reminded by the overlords of how we are incapable of making our own decisions as the decisions made by the authoritarians change as quickly as we take notice of them and their effects on the people.


To keep us safe, as the judge decided concerning the pop megastar. Always, always we attend to the steady excuse-making about keeping us safe. Government brands even firearms as “ghost guns”, so that we fear some spectral delusion as deadly if the government does not know where it is, and register it ‘for our own good. The end of these lines is no different than turning the lights up and down so as to concentrate attention to some hidden controller who may make us ill or kill us, distracting our attentions from the real controller. “The wicked flee when no man pursueth” (Proverbs 28:1), but the controllers gaslight the people so as to cause us to flee as well.

Beware the rest of that verse as it reads,

“But the righteous are bold as a lion!”

At some point, paternalism or the nanny state is denuded to reveal a mere authoritarianism. Or is that totalitarianism in sheep’s clothing? The American public, properly informed, will rise as the sleeping tiger kicked repeatedly will show no mercy once aroused.

The key is found in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Let the people know the truth, and the country is safe.” Facts may be gaslighted, but truth is resistant to control by rheostat…

Father David+  

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