Randi Weingarten. President of the American Federation of Teachers, promises a deep war chest for the defense of AFT teachers who break state laws by teaching Critical Race Theory anyway?

Well, it’s your money, and your children’s minds…

Door-to-door vaccinations, Mr. Biden? Doesn’t that precede door-to-door gun grabs, door-to-door most anything you cursed socialists demand? Why not door-to-door voter registrations?

And will you have a warrant issued by a judge by due process on probable cause grounds?

Why do I and others think that such legalities really won’t matter to you?

“Is Putin testing you, Sir?”, reporters asked after Biden gave his usual clumsy response to the ransomware attacks and the consequences.

This early in his attempts at Administration, shouldn’t you reporters be asking whether he is actually a Russian agent??

Secretary Xavier Becerra announced yesterday that Health and Human Services will reallocate $860 million of National Institute of Health pandemic funding to provide testing, shelter and care for more unaccompanied children crossing the Mexican border into this country.

But Mr. Secretary, according to your own pronouncements for months now, hasn’t the border been closed??

And Governor Cuomo of New York issued an emergency order concerning gun violence, labeling that a “public health” crisis and a pandemic of sorts, claiming that the number of deaths from gun violence is far greater than the deaths from the COVID virus.

After almost an hour of checking the hard numbers, it depends on whose hard numbers you choose to believe?

A safe and blessed day to all,
Father David+

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