Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, (1929-1968)

To commemorate this man’s birth and the national holiday in his honor, I can do no better than to commend the classic collection of his sermons, entitled, “Strength to Love”. One of those sermons stands out for me in light of its comprehensive examination of man’s accomplishments, entitled, “The Man Who Was A Fool”. The link is here:

For certain holidays we might imagine ‘gift-giving’ of another sort, namely books that shaped our own paths to those in the younger set that these might learn from them so as to shape their own.

To Heal the Democrat Divide?

Over the past few months I have been hearing opinions concerning the divide among democrats, and how to heal that. Oddly enough, a persistent theory has it that Hilary Clinton wants another run for the presidency [surprise, surprise] in 2024 in order to bring the party back to a sense of normalcy, and diminish the influence of the more divisive radical types.

The obvious problem with this line of thought is that while Clinton might succeed at bringing the Dems back into a reasonably coherent whole, she is likely to remain the self-same polarizer to the remainder of the country just as she was in 2016. “Deplorables”, Irredeemables”? Remember…

So take your choice, good neighbors. Honest, overt Marxist-Socialists, or shady characters proven capable of camouflaging their plots much better. Then measure the result. It will most likely be the same.

A Great Reset?

Last week, Joebot’s excellent Singularity Weekly posted “The Great Reset”, a list of resources dealing with human-machine hybrids. The link is here:

More from me tomorrow on transhumanism, and why people hate their bodies?


That horrid speech exposed the individual who occupies the White House and a sizeable portion of his party as something beyond divisive.

And a ‘good Catholic’ does not bear a false witness against others.

We know the remedy for this individual and the multitude of troubles he has exacerbated. Call that our November agenda. When the other party takes control of the Congress, urge upon them the necessity of impeachment sooner rather than later. And keep after them lest they allow such a real crisis to go to waste.

Not much that we can do about the Pope, except wait for the Marxist-socialist liberation theologian to be replaced and put up with his own false witness in the meantime. His absolution of Biden apart from confession, contrition and amendment cheapens the lives and the true witness to all who are true to the Faith.

And I persist in my opinion that bearing false witness is the principal sin in public life of any sort.

To speak truth to falsehood is often costly, but in the long run the easier path for your trek through this world. Speak the truth…

Father David+

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