Facing up to another day of infamy, and another day to attempt writing about it…

Writers make an effort, at least, to separate our own emotions so as to think clearly about a given subject before expressing conclusions and indulging in a little prophesying or vitriol. That has become more difficult by the day’s worth of reporting that is both depressing and shocking. It is too much, too suddenly, more almost by the hour.

So the government is instructing our people to “shelter in place” until it is safe for them to make it to the Kabul Airport, issuing contradictory reports of help on the way and nearly everything else while some of these reports are given the lie by videos of the extreme brutality in both streets and residences.   

The U. S. State Department Overseas Advisory Council https://www.osac.gov/Content/Report/2a11e105-3c74-4c72-85bb-1c50ea642d42 is allegedly charging U. S. Citizens $2,000.00 per head to be extracted from the Taliban controlled Afghanistan. The fee comes in the form of a promissory note that must be paid in full or the evacuee’s passport will be suspended until it is. As the site noted just yesterday, the fees have been amended? To how much per head for their rescue? Skim down the report and take note where it states that ‘extraction is never free’.

This decree of charging money to our own people for extraction from a terrorist combat zone produced by our government’s own mismanagement of the withdrawal of American troops shows just how far our collective moral conscience has declined. This worthless government will rescue some, perhaps even most, of our people in Afghanistan, if they can make it to the Airport, if the alleged troops on the ground can find them, and if they are not beaten, shot, killed or hanged while simply attempting to go home. Somehow, somehow, our President can announce of a change of policy between vacations, and the Vice President returns from her trip to Singapore and Vietnam, to be present… (keep reading).

Then we send them the bill…

The reporting has it that even Democrats are aghast over the statements and incompetencies of Biden and may seek invocation of the 25th Amendment. So some Dems now want to delete a sitting president barely past 200 days in office. Perhaps he may have given the press responses that “will get me in trouble if I answer that”? And VP Harris has returned from nearly a week of invisibility to her ‘handmaids tale’ appearance just over Biden’s shoulder.

Why does it all seem so ‘on schedule’?

And so infamous

Tuesday’s incident in Lehi, Utah, involving a chemistry teacher’s profanity-laden rant directed at her class is more evidence for the abolition of teachers unions and the de-federalization of the public school system. How this sort of hate-ridden functional illiterate ever attains to the once-esteemed position of instructing our children is testimony to our country’s moral bankruptcy. That sort of bankruptcy is much more dangerous to us than any impending fiscal inflation, seeing as it directly affects our children in addition to our own sense of civilization as responsible adults. 

Bank of America and Lowe’s home improvement shaming and brainwashing employees to ‘cede power’ to persons of color (blacks?) Add these companies to your boycott list and act on that. Other banks (I recommend Bank of the West for those west of the Mississippi) will appreciate your business. Lowe’s is in decline anyway, so finish them off.

So be careful, for the times are infamous,

Father David+

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