Back again, and posting again now that some dust has settled, hopefully…

As owner of, I would like to introduce to everyone two new author participants in our endeavors.

“Democritus” is a Professor of Mathematics at a nearby university. He will post under that particular name after the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher of science. Our Democritus has interests in each discipline and how these address contemporary cultural issues.

“Cicero” is a computer programmer who operates an up-and-coming business building and maintaining websites. His concerns tend toward civic life and the furtherance of our constitutional Republic. As one still struggling with the appearance and promotion of the site, I am glad to have him on board.

All of us reside in the Northwest Indiana area across the state line from Chicago, Illinois. As the site continues to grow, I will welcome new authors who share our purpose as noted in the “About This Site” section on the blog.

My own brief bio is on the site already at the bottom of the posts and is to be updated. I have yet to select a moniker for the mutual discussions to come. Perhaps one of the ancient cultural apologists or catechists? For the postings I remain Father David+ @”

Thanks for your ongoing support and blessings to all who seek the good, the true and the beautiful.

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