To begin this post, I am forwarding a link to an article in today’s Daily Signal. It is a report on Sen. Jim Inhofe’s warnings of just how near this country is to losing control of its electoral processes to Washington as attacks on the Electoral College persist. It contains a very important reference to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/ as well. The Daily Signal article link is here. My comments are below it:


Everyone of measurable intelligence and scant integrity knows the end game of the Left. The Left’s major desire is to rid this country of the Electoral College once and for all.

The Founders enshrined that protection apparatus into the U. S. Constitution to protect the less well populated regions and towns from the tyranny of a national 51%. And there was no intention on the part of the Founders to bias that protection towards one party or another, be that party Federalist, Democratic-Republican, Tories or otherwise. The Founders regarded the very notion of two or more competing parties as divisive. I gather from their opinion that concern over the popular vote of each sovereign state and of the nation as a whole was paramount.

The fledgling Union was far more of a piece in that era than in our time. Having just emerged from one war with the global superpower, the country was still faced with the prospect of other conflicts brewing in Europe. Political divisions fomented by a party spirit were the last thing they needed.

At present, the United States is not so ‘united’ apart from constitutional fiat. Over the past year and a half I have read four books pertaining to the number of America’s distinct cultures, the number ranging from five to twelve. The best of these is in my opinion “American Nations”, by Colin Woodward. He opines that we are a nation of eleven distinct cultures, and furthermore that this nation has never been of a piece. I cite these books as they reveal an underlayment supporting our political divisions, which are the more considerable when factoring in the pervasive cultural and moral divides, these exacerbated by the two major political parties.

Given the sheer power of the overall division regardless of its grounding, the present threat to liberty is that the party chiefly furthering these threats is the party of big government and god-like control over every aspect of our lives, the eradication of our liberties, and the freewheeling fiscal policies that will destroy us if the other policies do not.

In brief, the party of the Left is desirous of the establishment of a one-party system. One California county (Los Angeles) would be the tenth largest state if removed from present California. And California would still be in a virtual first-place tie with Texas. There is no point in further notation of the dominance of the more populated areas over the less. The fact is well known, and not lost on the Democrats.

Finally, I note how it is that people do not vote for a candidate, but for their party. We do not have a system of proportional representation in this country at the state level. Given this country’s “winner-take-all” elections, forcing electors of the states to be subservient to the national popular vote may have the effect of nullifying representation of the losing party at the state and local levels even more than it already is, if voters turn from split ticket voting to absolute party-line dictates.

The elimination of the Senate filibuster complicates the threat. And the likely addition of one or two more states to the National Popular Vote Compact, already at fifteen and including some conservative states, assures the victory of the unthinkable.

Our last hope is the Supreme Court. So let us think about that, and act upon it…

Father David+

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