On May 10, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America reported that its Sierra-Pacific Synod proudly elected one Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer as its new bishop. The ELCA release was careful to note that the new Bishop-elect’s pronouns are (they/their/them), and that they is [smartass emphasis mine] to be installed September 11 of this year.

Rohrer is also transgender.

Although Religious News Service noted that Rohrer is the first known transgender person to be consecrated a bishop in any major U.S. denomination, others have ordained them as pastors for over a decade.

It is difficult to tell if Rohrer was originally female or male from the press concerning they/their. I (male, he/him/his) am presuming from the feminine name that Bishop-elect Rohrer used to be a male who changed sexes to become a female. The press reports indicate that Rohrer was harassed for being lesbian during high school, but lesbian-identified males have been around at least since the first L-Word series. To add to the semantic confusion, we must now take into account that one may transgender without changing one’s sex as a matter of personal decision and lifestyle. Who can tell?

Given the fluidity of both language and application, the nightmarish sphere of ‘gender’ is frequently confusing. But given the magnanamity of this latest offense by liberal protestantism against the witness of Scripture and tradition to natural law, the rhetoric does not matter so much. The Protestant Reformation largely jettisoned natural law for the preached Word 500 years ago. And the chickens have come home to roost…

Take careful note of my term, ‘changed sexes’. Has it been a while since we have heard the term ‘trans-sexual’? Why has the usage subtly but entirely shifted to ‘trans-gender‘ recently?


Not that I am so troubled for the ELCA over this repugnant revelation. I resigned from that pseudo-religious brothel over 20 years ago [without ‘call’, I abandoned no sheep]. To my knowledge I am the progenitor of the phrase “left-wing of the Democratic Party with a religious veneer”. I also predicted upon my resignation that the denomination would eliminate the category of homosexual sin entirely within 10 years, and hit it on the nose. That required little inspiration, as the corruption that I witnessed from the seminary days onward virtually mandated such an outcome.

However, I only learned that the protestant leftists have been ordaining transgender persons over the last few months. I should have assumed it, as it follows closely on homosexual ordination and celebration of homosexual unions. 

Per the RNS report, Bishop-elect Rohrer told Cosmopolitan in 2017, “Using faith to tear other people down is not good news,”… “We need to all be as loud and as angry as the people who want to declare that there are types of people that God can’t love.” This quote summarizes what the ELCA and the Leftist protestant mainline is about, namely a ‘loud’ and ‘angry’ hell-raising social gospel minimalized to a vacuous expression of some imagined ‘love of God’. The falsified gospel of the Leftist protestants takes no accounting whatsoever of the human condition, namely sin. They/their/them adheres [singular again my own] to the falsified gospel of inclusivity to the extent that someone who carves up their own body to conform to a sick ideology may not only be ‘included’ no questions asked, but may be set up as an example to the congregation and to the children of the families.

I fully support the right of an adult American to do as they wish with their own body, or for that matter even to end their own life if they want. Judgment for the consequences is on that one only. But there is NO GREATER EVIL, YES I SHOUTED EVIL in our accursed world than to persuade or to allow a child not yet mature to have their bodies butchered to conform to the sick ideology of others. The mouth of hell yawns wide to receive those who promote and certainly mandate the brainwashing of children to desire such a monstrous thing. The guilt will lie with cowardly politicians, social media, and those who perpetuate the destruction of the nuclear family as designed by the Creator of us all.    

Compare St. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 3:16-17 and 6:18-20 for what he said about the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, given by God, and to be regarded as holy because the God gave it. Then hear his words about what God will do to anyone who destroys that temple.

And as for the apostate clergy, please do recall that not so long ago we used to speak of and practice the ‘cure of souls’ in ministry. Now do you clergy allow for and even celebrate the disfigurement of the body?

Father David+


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