THE INTRODUCTORY “Is it really “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”? Nooooo… but rather “When the government outlaws guns, only the government will have guns!” – V Rev. David L. Rogers, circa 1971 ‘NUKES’, F-15S, AND OTHER SCARE TACTICS We the People are by this time wellContinue Reading

“On 10 November, 1775, by authorization of the Continental Congress, the first companies of the Marine Corps were gathered at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the command of Captain Robert Mullen. 10 November is now your new birthday! Dooo yooou have that absolutely clear, Privates?” “YES, SIR!” “I CAN’TContinue Reading

Today is ‘Bright Monday’, the second day of the Easter cycle in Orthodox and some Western traditions. It follows on the Resurrection of Our Lord (Easter), the Orthodox Pascha. Bright Monday is to begin the week as a time of joy re-experienced and renewed after the Lenten discipline and theContinue Reading

THE PERSISTENCE OF UTTER DISREGARD AP reports that lower echelon enlisted military are not able to feed their families? The Feeding America ministry claims that as many as 160,000 families of enlisted military have trouble with the most basic need of all, food: The article cites a wife withContinue Reading

Did Nancy Pelosi really say that at the COP26 Conference? Did she really say that on Veteran’s Day?? See my Veteran’s Day post yesterday to source my dismay this morning. To agree with the ludicrous extremism citing the U. S. Military as a “greater polluter than 140 nations combined” isContinue Reading

As I graduated high school a very young 17, I could not find a full-time entry-level position with a company due to insurance regulations. As I had no interest in college then, the choice before me was either to find employment allowable for high-schoolers or join the military. So IContinue Reading