How might blood type better address the individuality of each human life from conception onward, and promote commonality of cultural understanding in the human life discussion? According to the Torah, the Law of Moses, nothing is more basic to the notion of human life than the nature of its life-sustainingContinue Reading

THE INTRODUCTORY “Is it really “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”? Nooooo… but rather “When the government outlaws guns, only the government will have guns!” – V Rev. David L. Rogers, circa 1971 ‘NUKES’, F-15S, AND OTHER SCARE TACTICS We the People are by this time wellContinue Reading

“On 10 November, 1775, by authorization of the Continental Congress, the first companies of the Marine Corps were gathered at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the command of Captain Robert Mullen. 10 November is now your new birthday! Dooo yooou have that absolutely clear, Privates?” “YES, SIR!” “I CAN’TContinue Reading

“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE BIONIC POOCHIE” is the title of my post from June 16th of 2021. I now resurrect it, giving it a thorough editing and augmentation after being thunderstruck by the analogies between A. I. and Psalm 115, highlighting the First Commandment along with a good excuse toContinue Reading

CRACKER ‘JILL’? The Frito-Lay division of the PepsiCo conglomerate announced last week that it is spawning a new companion to the historic CrackerJack brand labeled “Cracker Jill”. The brand is aimed at celebrating women in sports and their achievements, while simultaneously encouraging other younger women and girls to “go forContinue Reading

Jussie Smollet was released from jail yesterday after only a few days of serving his already minimal sentence. The reason? His lawyers declare the unconstitutionality of each step of the proceedings against him, and insist that Smollet will endure bodily harm if he remains behind bars while his case isContinue Reading