I have become ‘stalled’ lately, repeatedly. Learning this new software, tending to all the security details, sorting my way through the needed plug-ins, photo sources and so on, and I have yet to brook the SEO issues that may broaden the participation and readership. So when I send myself a “round TUIT” (remember the late ‘70s fad?), I wonder about what to write about.

Or is it a matter of which one?

Mr. Biden’s arrogance eventually topped the pile for the past week. His tyrannical pronouncements regarding his so-called “gun safety” program contained the pinnacle of party hubris and revealed his party’s true intention:

“If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

Biden went on to claim that the Second Amendment never granted an individual the right to own any weapon whatsoever, in view of the wording “shall not be infringed” further demonstrating his inability to read. His babbling prattle persisted as he noted our nonsense about “the blood of the, the blood of patriots, you know, and all this stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government.”


I have been hearing this idea of the Second Amendment rendered irrelevant presently as the government owns superior weaponry for long before Rep. Swalwell made it famous. Regrettably I read this idiocy in a newsletter from a pastor in my own communion, proclaiming that the government has nukes and that therefore “The game is over!” The pastor continued with the all-too-common declarations that civilians are not competent to either possess or utilize “assault weapons” and of course that he is the ‘center’ and that everyone he has spoken with agrees with him, on and on…

We need not take much time now in demolishing these nonsensical but dangerous notions. So I present in outline form the essentials of a more fleshed-out piece containing the facts and figures in detail.

For the moment, consider:

1. I was born the year after Hiroshima, and grew up before an old black and white 9” TV screen with ‘infomercials’ from relief agencies depicting the horrific consequences of the blast in the shadowy figures of distorted bodies still walking, somehow. If these public figures would even ponder using nuclear weapons on anyone, the need to call and make an appointment so that we can deal with the evil in their souls.

2. So civilians are not competent to handle military weapons (as if the AR-15 is a military weapon)? The dichotomy posited between the military and civilians is nullified by the reality of over 22 million veterans in this country, the National Guards of the states and the owners of gun stores that can have this ex-Marine up to speed on the newer models in no time. In infantry training and beyond, I have had experience in many types of military weapons and how to use them.

3. Do the Math!  Thanks to Democrats over the past thirty years, we now have well over 100 million firearm owners in 50 states. Then take that 2+ million per state and find the populations for each state over the age of 18, or even 14. I learned at 11. The resulting figure demonstrates that there is no area in the United States where the government could utilize a nuclear weapon without killing their own. The same goes, except for desert areas, for bomber runs. The people’s militia need only remain dispersed among the general population, then let the government destroy their own along with our resistance. I do believe that the other side will come over to ours and deprive the tyrants of their support altogether? The sheer numbers are against them.

4. Read an ancient work entitled “The Art of War” by Sun Tsu. You may learn that wars are not won by superior strength and weaponry alone.

5. The State of Wyoming is number 1 in per capita firearm ownership. In all violent crime no matter how or with what instrument committed, they are ninth from the bottom, giving the lie to the notion that “there are too many guns out there”.

6. Finally, for the moment, what do the Bidens and the Swalwells and the numbskull pastor believe would be the estimation of this country in the view of the international community if its government turned nuclear weapons on its own people?

Ponder that for a moment… I do believe that we would become a fourth-world shithole in the eyes of both ally and enemy in nothing flat, and our collapse would be beyond the unimaginable.

Finally, as for the pastor, you are a heretic. Christianity decided centuries ago that evil does not reside in any inanimate object. That includes the pistol in my drawer that never by itself committed an act of violence.

And to the citizen militia, stand strong, and stay put. That is all we need to do to insure the prevalence of our liberty against tyrants,

Father David+

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