First, I got the vaccine, OK? Good ol’ Moderna two-shotter 94% effective. So now I go to work on the comments of HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to CNN anchor Brianna Keilar on Thursday and of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki the following day.

The incoherence of Becerra’s back-and-forth statements about human liberty aside, one statement stands out for me. “But we are America. We try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible.” Then he said, “And so I know you want to give people the freedom, but it’s not just about their freedom. It’s also about the freedom of other people.

We must all believe Becerra at his word and hold him to account for them. If the government tries to give as much freedom as possible, then it is government that decides when it is no longer possible to give to us our freedom. Government does not give the people our rights, period, paragraph, finis! And the unity of the body and soul before the God who created each of us is sacrosanct. Certain rights are not abrogated simply because others may not have exercised their own responsibilities to get the shot. Those who intentionally refuse the vaccine bear the responsibility for their own decision. Their freedom to do so does not infringe on the rights of others. The sacrality of the human body is not for others to negotiate.

Becerra’s rambling argument of government permitting drivers is devoid of divinity and humanity. A driver is licensing and becoming responsible for the management of a property distinct from his or her body. That property is subject to a certain amount of jurisdiction in furtherance of the public good. And it is good to register the vehicle in the event that it is stolen. The ‘seat belt’ argument falls into the same category as the crash figures clearly support, but the body proper is not thereby breached against one’s will.

AXIOMATIC: Our bodies are not and may never be regarded as the property of government. Our bodies are the property of our Creator as He created us. To invade the body against one’s will is to invade the unity that is body and soul. And it’s your souls that the power brokers want, when they leave off with persuasion educating toward and providing for a public good and use their might to force their way into our very being. But where true leadership is found wanting, a display of tyranny’s presumptuous fasces will do just as nicely.

When government can dictate and coerce what goes into my body, then there remains no human behavior that government cannot coerce. They own us. During the last primaries we heard the desire of politicians to coerce religious beliefs or else. We presently witness governments and academia coercing preferred pronoun usage upon a stranger’s insistence that we distort the very language we use to communicate. At the other extreme we see government and its ‘experts’ forcing transsexual operations on minor children in spite of parental objections. Yes, they own us if they own our bodies to the extent that the people are compliant and neglect to resist.

Cry, “Death!” Scream it repeatedly, “Death!” Government assures us of our own demise and of those around us unless we prostrate ourselves before Fauciscience and hand over our rights to make decisions about what is injected into our own bodies.

In truth, I am much more terrified of governmental control of everything I do than death. Perhaps if government had a proper fear of death and what follows the next conscious moment following it, they also might become apprehensive about their standing before the God who created the male and female pair to be free.


So we have the insufferable Press Secretary Psaki telling us that the door-to-door purveyors of “correct information” will not be government employees. She imagines battalions of volunteer do-gooders and “members of the clergy” who are eager to become the door-to-door evangelists for the COVID vaccinations.

Other than the threats of early death to the non-compliant, Psaki’s information crisis carries about as much weight as the idea of people of color who cannot make it to a voter registration but buy their groceries and gas and manage to obtain their driver’s licenses and plates.

It is a good thing that many will be “members of the clergy” as we must confess the sins of our ignorance regarding instructions from our overlords and their managers. Hopefully some will be priests with indulgences at hand to provide us with remission of our temporal penalties via non-lethal injections.

I will not be among them, the clerical puppets of the State. Government does not mind a bit shoving religious authority aside or ignoring it entirely, unless and until we become useful to them for projects and votes. That in turn feeds the popular but bogus notion that the apostolic priesthood is merely another “helping profession” to be trotted out of its stable when society finds some use for us. Psaki knows that few if any clergy will find her imaginings as part of our calling.

Door-to-door informational shot wagons with benefit of clergy, government registration of vaccine cards, vaccine passports, on and on with whatever our masters in D.C. can gin up next. At what point does that amount to a tattoo on the arm? A branding of our souls?

When secular authorities take fasces in hand, presume that they are God and may overrule your Creator’s will that you be free in soul and body, and Who gave to them the job of protecting that freedom.

Resist, contend long and hard, wear them down, vote them out, but do get the vaccine if your condition permits that…

Father David+

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