Dr. Fauci, it’s about your attitude!

Well, first we had COVID-19, and its mutations. That was last year.

Then it was all about the Delta Variant, and its mutations, still with us to date.

The Delta Variant. Sounds like something out of a late 1970s or early 1980s SciFi-Horror flick.

No, that did not suffice. Then we are treated to the ‘Mu’ Variant, another mutation of the monster replete with more mutations.

Now it’s all about the most deadly of all, the ‘Omicron’ Variant, beyond a Hydra or a Hindu crore of deities with all of its potential morphing into yet more deadly forms.

So, Dr. Science, it is not that I remain undisturbed by such a progression. But the fact is that as a long-time student of the Greek language, I must inform you that it has but 24 letters. You might try Chinese…

We presently, wearily witness the spectacle of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s fatalistic hand-wringing as he threatens us all with lifelong boosters if not a fourth full shot (I’ve had my three), that the COVID aggregate of reincarnations, each somehow more vicious than the prior mutation, are to be regarded as a fact of life for our homo sapiens species until the end of time.

Dr. Fauci, why O why must you continually preach to us about what we must do about it while you insinuate that there is not much we can do about it? We understand about closing borders and prohibiting travel between certain nations to stall its spread. But why do you pontificate that it will eventually arrive on our shores and is surely predestined to infect our people in spite of our best efforts to keep it elsewhere?

And how is it truly science that you want us to follow when you have already arrived at your conclusions foreboding the destiny of humanity with such deterministic pronouncements?

Your comments on the Sunday shows are beyond mere warnings. There is something downright creepy about your attitude, as though you regard yourself as a demiurge, expectant of a certain outcome and so positive in your declarations as if you assume these to be melded into the fabric of Creation?

Dr. Fauci, We the People do take heed, we do listen to what you say. That is not the central problem that the public has with you.

Your attitude is the problem. For me, I and those I love are very much worn through with your arrogance. And we not about to become your indentured shot-slaves until we die of something else and you scientists can chalk it up to the COVID variant du jour. Change your tune and the unvaccinated might listen as well?

Father David+

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