I have read several articles in the past two days concerning the U.S. withdrawal and the Afghan interpreters who have performed invaluably and courageously for our armed forces, yet now are having trouble with obtaining their visas to come to the USA.

And in none of these articles have I read one word contrasting their plight with the current situation on our southern border.

For years, both in Afghanistan and Iraq, thousands of native countrymen have come forth at their own risk to assist our mission there. Many have families that have been put at risk along with the interpreters and the men and women occupying other roles in the service of our armed forces.

These were promised a path to citizenship beginning with expedited visas for the very purpose of removing them from harm’s way, this as well-deserved reward for their fidelity in service.

Yet I also read of one roadblock after another. The roadblocks are what one might expect… this or that bureaucratic obstacle that “we just have to work through” or some other blather…

Now, contrast the plight of the richly deserving of a path to citizenship to that other situation, NO, the crisis along our southern border. “Free ‘ins'”, as we used to permit in unofficial schoolyard basketball. Just come to our border and swim or trespass your way across. We will not even bother to document you and will see to it that you get on a bus when our laws no longer permit us to hold you up. Or simply wander where you wish, carrying COVID-19 or some newer strain thereof. Some of our states will welcome you to their welfare rolls, and a few will even pay you cash benefits for your company.

After all, in the infamous words of Senator Schumer, we don’t want our national symbol to be a ‘wall’, but our symbol to be the Statue of Liberty!

I feel no need to use up more bytes to delineate my contrast. It is so blatantly obvious, and even more disgusting that the most strident architecture of bureaucracy is invoked to prevent those Afghans who served us well from pursuing the path to citizenship and safety for themselves and their families as we promised them.

While our allegedly ‘closed’ borders seem to be so wide open…

You who sit in D. C. writing one executive order after another, write another one to correct this national disgrace and get this done!

Father David+

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