began on THE FESTIVAL OF THE RESURRECTION, 4 April, 2021.

Cultureholywar is in large measure a site for apologists intent on the defense and propagation of the Hebrew/Christian ethic of the love of God and of neighbor, while cognizant of the contributions of every good man and woman of whatever persuasion.

It is the opinion of the founder that the times call for a more concerted and aggressive apologetic addressing the critical cultural issues at hand. The defensive line of a football team does its job but scores no points if it remains only defensive. Proponents of “the good, the true and the beautiful” may no longer be content with resting on imagined laurels or ‘preaching to the choir’.

We are now, and have been for some time, living through societal changes that make that rebellion of half a century ago pale in comparison (the author is aged 75). Yes, we experienced violence in the streets, and I am the first to admit that a good bit of that violence was provoked by social conditions that screamed for reform. The ethic was good in itself. But in many realms it was set aside when power structures felt the need.

By a cultural ‘holywar’ I intend no violence of a social or physical sort, unless and until the violence of others against the peaceful call for it. But when we threw out the remnants of the civilization we once had, we put no civilization in its place. As I see it, the similarities are portentous…

To address the need for cultural change, this site will provide pertinent writings via the early morning and daily blog posts, while offering to host the writings of others who are of benevolent mind and spirit (and hopefully a little humor to lighten things). I will post book reviews of the many books representing a breadth of interests that pass through my hands each week along with my own contributions. [I do intend on affiliate marketing relationships with limited advertising. As this site is entirely self-supporting, I appreciate and give thanks for your support by using the links to the books I review and to the products that we support].

But the times demand that we seek to change the culture proper at its root assumptions, yes, the true ‘radical’, as the Latin radix implies the root of a matter. The radix or bedrock of the Hebrew/Christian ethic is that “love of God and of neighbor” of which Jesus of Nazareth gave to us, that having its own grounding in the Law of Moses and the rabbinical writings.

So we begin on this Day of Resurrection, and blessings to all who seek the truth in peace,

Father David+