I read where Patrisse Cullors, formerly of Black Lives Matter, has accepted a position with the Los Angeles County Art Commission. It is simply irritating to observe discredited people being sought after by everyone in pursuit of a little notoriety, or what?? It reminds of an older adage teaching us that “it’s not what you can do, but who you know.”

We wonder what her salary is to be? On parity with the rest of the proletariat?

Plus housing allowance no doubt…


[Now don’t shoot after the following. I received a third full shot of Moderna only yesterday and I recommend everyone who can get the shots ought to get the shots. and the government should leave everyone else the hell alone.]

We are all aware by now that workers are being fired right-and-left from their jobs. The governmental and private employer COVID vaccine mandates force workers to choose between conscience or other physical issues on the one hand, and their livelihood on the other?

At what point does that sort of coercion become simply another means of killing them??


The contemporary plague of lunacy knows no satisfaction, no terminus ad quem, until the revenant Marcuse takes down every last institution of anything at all. That holds especially true where the institution is of such a simple nature that it may not easily be redefined.

The Daily Wire of October 13 reported that the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School of Seattle, Washington, canceled the annual student Pumpkin Parade due to its ‘marginalizing persons of color’. It took the school’s Racial Equity Team ‘five years of deliberation’ to reach that decision. At what expense to the taxpayers?

The quotations from the officials are of such nonsensical nature that I don’t care to even write about it. The link is above, too pathetic for careful examination.


Over a week ago, I searched the web’s fine art sources for an image portraying a text from the Book of Genesis, namely, the creation of the man and the woman. I found few of any quality and none of particular relevance.

That second point seems strange to the hearer. After all, are not the Adam and his Eve portrayed many times, even by the masters of classical painting? Certainly, but the original male and female pair appear in mainly two references. Either the man or the woman is alone in the portrait, or and most importantly for my point, accompanied by a third, the tree-dwelling serpent.

Why are the male and female homo sapiens couple, together as a couple, seldom portrayed in fine art apart from this Temptation resulting in a Fall of Man, or a banishment from “Paradise” as a consequence?

Ponder this and you may find the answer in Christianity’s attitude toward sexuality in focus.


Father David+ 

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