The Frito-Lay division of the PepsiCo conglomerate announced last week that it is spawning a new companion to the historic CrackerJack brand labeled “Cracker Jill”. The brand is aimed at celebrating women in sports and their achievements, while simultaneously encouraging other younger women and girls to “go for it”. Thus we, in our traditional baseball anthem sung in the 7th inning stretch will now bear the words, “Buy me some peanuts and CrackerJill, Nothing can stop you if you have the will.”

OK. That is fine with me. But two cautions come to mind.

First, the traditional “Take me out to the ball game…” has already for over 100 years been very gender neutral and “inclusive”. Will the older version be sung on alternate days or evenings in parity with the new? Or is the newer version a replacement for the old one? This consideration should give pause of the cultural justice warriors whose vision is to replace everything no matter what it is. That might be viewed by many as one more attempt to destroy every tradition.

But the second is more interesting still. The featuring of women in sports is in itself a cultural good, no doubt. But we live in a time when a candidate for a seat on the Supreme Court cannot define what is a ‘woman’ when she herself is allegedly a woman and will be called upon to hear cases involving women’s rights. So how are we to view Cracker Jill?

And what of the Lia Thomases of this world? Will the brand feature some new meme of Thomas him-herself, and/or other transgender males destroying women’s sports? If this happens, that will expose the entire Cracker Jill celebration of women in sports for what it is, just one more attack on women.


Now, as we have come to expect, three RINOs have announced that they will betray their own constituencies and party to vote for the approval of a candidate known for her lenience on the sentencing of child pornographers and her own apparent sexual confusion.

But the RINOs have betrayed the children of this country if they approve KJB to the highest Court in the land. Keep a close eye on our children and protect them. But come November, remember this latest affront and vote the RINOs out…


Nooo, not really. The Airbus A380 Jumbo Jet was recently brought back to life from a ‘mothball’ hiatus for a trial run on cooking oil. That’s right, cooking oil. The press praised the effort as jet aircraft are heavy-duty contributors to carbon emissions, and presumably climate change. As of this morning, the jumbo jet has made two successful trips, yes, on cooking oil.

The reporting also revealed another end game of the Airbus folks toward alleviating the carbon problem. Hydrogen, one of our two most plentiful elements is finally in public focus for more trial runs. May the trials be even more successful than the cooking oil. After all, the cooking oil fuel mix does contain some fatty acids. Unhealthy…

But first, before this experiment proves successful, We the People should insist on legislation that requires each and every wealthy elitist, diplomat and politician, to retrofit their own carbon spouting birds to run on these fuels. Thus shall they demonstrate their sincerity toward exemplifying their pushes toward climate change.

And finally, Iowa and other Corn Belt farmers and their suppliers should be dancing in the streets at the news. Just think of the possibilities here, the staggering quantities of veggie oils to be produced, or imported, the number of additional giant wind turbines to provide the additional energy and clutter up the landscape, the politicians and the bureaucrats salivating over the regulatory prospects? And I do wonder about how the collective costs of producing such fuel will affect the prices of commercial flight tickets.

Persist in the good fight, and blessings,

Father David+

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