Here is a link. You, the intelligent and concerned reader, might peruse this piece written by Shawn Fleetwood of thefederalist.com for today to comprehend why a professor in my acquaintance sometimes fears for his job:


Fleetwood writes that the Office of Equity and Inclusion [‘equity’?] at Point Park University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, demands that all students adhere to its preferred pronoun policies or face disciplinary action upon the filing of a complaint.

I will quote only the concluding paragraph by the President of the Student Government to highlight the problem, and by it managed to learn what a ‘deadname’ is:

“I would imagine any violation (in this case misgendering, misuse of pronouns, or incorrectly using someone’s deadname when you are aware of their preferred name and pronouns) would result in a similar action to any act of discrimination against students on campus,” he said. “I, of course, respect the beliefs of others and their right to express those beliefs, but those beliefs, no matter what they are, cannot impede or harm the rights of others, in this case the right of a student to be respected in their use of their preferred name and pronouns.”

“This is a fundamental belief not only I and Point Park University share (imagine that), but also the United States Constitution asserts,” he added.”

Where there is a legalized transsexual name change in question, there may be no choice. But when a properly educated use of the English language according to grammar and syntax is not only set aside but academically criminalized, the university’s ability to instruct students in that proper means of communication with the rest of us is called into question, and must be.

So, Point Park College, you may imagine some ‘right’ to demand that your student’s feelings don’t get ruffled every time someone who objects on First Amendment grounds or who is not familiar with their pronoun self-righteousness ‘sins’ against them. And I have the right and the obligation to denounce your so-called university and to inform my readers and others to refuse to send their young people to your institution, to refuse to read your publications (if there are any that are readable), and to ignore your students in their company’s hiring processes.

Parents and businesses, fight back against Point Park College and other woke universities, institutions of ‘lower learning’ indeed!

Father David+


  1. I wonder how Point Park College would accommodate gender fluid people who can change pronouns every day.

    1. Author

      Yes, or even more frequently. Imagine that reaching momentary change, and communication becomes beyond incoherent and impossible. But only theses have rights… D+

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