A general officer of the U. S. military has apparently contacted an enemy over a non-existent plot to launch a nuclear strike, which he, the General named Milley, will thwart for them if the plot ever might happen to exist…

“If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

If that quote proves to be accurate, Milley must come before a general court-martial, the charge treason. Period, paragraph, Finis!

The lawyers must be salivating over the prospect of bypassing the Uniform Code of Military Justice and get the case before the ineffectual Congress, where it will no doubt drag on into eternity, and without significant penalty. Then you and I will pay the tab in billable hours.

Here at cultureholywar.com it is our desire to teach wannabee combatants in the good fight how to fight back. In this case, 80,000,000+ Trump voters and every other freedom loving, treason hating citizen needs take part toward dumping 80,000,000+ letters [yes, eighty million, I said that] on the desks of appropriate targets in the D. C. swamp. I don’t mean tweets or emails that may be conveniently ignored or deleted by lessers. I mean physical letters requiring opening and reading to process. That should suffice to express our dismay, and offer a prognosis for the next few elections…


200,000+ illegal aliens, again, month-after-month, and a 2 yr. old alone with a 3 mo. old found abandoned with a note? Guess where they will end up. It seem that the USA has become a great place to dump unwanted kids on us saps, and good for more voters. Had enough?


The unspeakable, despicable hypocrisy about the media’s Larry Elder coverage demonstrates clearly that BIPOC has not a thing to do with the color of one’s skin, but rather one’s political allegiances. The Babylon Bee lampooned this slur by noting that the Left searched Elder’s high school yearbook and found his picture there, in blackface! ‘Nuff said… But it isn’t really funny.


Now it’s about a national school bus driver shortage? The sure cure for that and our other educational issues is to restore the neighborhood schools, apart from mandatory regulation above the county level. I remember that, walking to and from school, with friends. But first we need to get the federal judiciary in line, tyrants that they are. Then we must wrest control of our local (read ‘county’) school districts from the D. C. bureaucrats and the one-size-fits-all mentality.

Short of these two, we need to refer our antagonists to Marx’s ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party’, Chapter 2, and point #10 just a few pages in. ‘A system of public education…’ of course for the public good.

Over the past 120 years of the so-called ‘progressive’ movement, how it does all seem to come together presently, if we take notice of just how patient the devil of hell can be.

Finally, and in any and every instance, we absolutely must place local and regional reform of the very culture at the pinnacle of our efforts, and keep it there.


How many Ford dealership mechanics does it take to change one tail light bulb?

My ‘ex’ was charged $48.00 to change a tail light bulb on a Ford Focus, and I had already done part of the removal labor. But the lens was stuck and she did not want me to break it, opting to take it to the dealer instead.

The service manager said that he was doing her a favor by keeping the labor cost down. He then told her that some Ford models actually required removal of the entire bumper in order to change that bulb.

What?? Some models require the removal of the bumper to change a light bulb?? Golly, I’m getting old, and keep my aging Suburban in decent shape for this very reason. Detroit and other manufacturers have been on a design spree to make their products as difficult as possible to repair, in the name of what? No screws visible? A beauty trip? And their repairs often require a specific tool, itself bearing a lengthy part number.

I recall an incident in 2013 with a Mazda dealership in Montana over some oil seepage, and front brake pads on my ’04 V6S (vroom,vroom). This manager quoted me 13 hours of labor to tear the front off the engine plus parts for a total estimate of around $1,900. The front brake pads and rotors would set me back another $500 or more.

I took the car to a local shop in Cody, Wyoming, where the mechanic changed the PCV valve in about 20 minutes, and took care of the front brakes. About $230.00 total.

He told me to wait about a month to see if the seepage stopped, then have the engine steamed. It did, and I did. Later the mechanic told me that he refused to work for a dealership, as the dealer required him to sign a document that included agreeing to present the customer with the worst-case scenario on any estimate for his repairs. He refused.

It is heartening to know that we still have among us good men and women who will take less to have what is more, peace of conscience and preservation of good relationships with the others in their communities.

As for the engineers and manufacturer collusion with wheeler-dealer maintenance costs, the competitive spirit in automotive design has gone awry. It is no longer about pleasing the customer, but about ignoring complexity and the resulting expense to the consumer.

Give us some simplicity, Detroit, and others like you. At a certain point this sort of nonsense becomes stealing.

Blessings to all as we go forward,

Father David+

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