The parents of Loudoun County, Virginia, and other quarters of civil courage are not telling teachers what to teach. There is no evidence to support the notion that parents dictate the content of instruction to teachers and administrators, academicians, etc.

The parents are instead demanding of the teachers what they are not to teach the children. We must instill that basic notion into the rhetoric of our testimonies against the teacher’s unions and their ilk. For parents are gifted their children from their Creator Who entrusts them with the children’s nurture as a matter of natural law. The government did not birth them. Neither did the school boards nor the teachers. Or perhaps the latter entities wish to be branded as “science deniers”?

It is therefore clear that it is the parents who entrust the schools with the proper education of the young and impressionable minds. When the educational system violates their trust with critical theory and the current ‘woke’ nonsense, parents have the authority to confront those responsible and to demand correction. Again, the people are informing the educational system what they are not to teach.


What happened to “robust”, yes, “robust” this-or-that?? Not very long ago we used to hear that “robust” designation about every other Psaki pronouncement among other aspirations of how yet another bill’s trillions will conduct us to unimaginable prosperity. But we do not hear “robust” any longer…

Until yesterday, and Biden used the term in connection with his sanctions on Russia.

‘Robust’ signifies something having vigor and strength, a power in and of itself. It is simultaneously a vague term. ‘Robust’ for whom, or for which pertinent entities? ‘Robust’ toward attaining what end, and when that is to be attained? Why does it seem that the truly ‘robust’ character of the realities is not mentioned? Inflation, high prices across the board, encroaching tyrannies of varying descriptions, supply chain problems, and the ever increasing loss of faith with authorities of all sorts?

“Robust’? Why do I doubt?


Capitalize ‘Black’ but not ‘white’?? That appears to be a sign of black supremacy. But it seems as though every other possible racial designation is capitalized, while only ‘white’ is not. Us little white folks don’t deserve a capital letter.

The answer to this thinly veiled POC bigotry is a very simple one. Let us all with some common sense capitalize White as well as Black. Then let them wallow in the muck of their own hypocrisies as they try to brand you white supremacists when you do.


Did you know that you can request a download of everything that Amazon has in its files about you? It’s very simple, only about four steps and a couple of weeks waiting time. The link is here:

I made such a request a week or two ago. It arrived in my inbox yesterday. I was ‘doxxing’ myself to see what Amazon has on me.

Don’t worry too much. And I hope that your results are far more interesting than mine. God in Heaven, I had no idea that I am that boring!

Blessings as we struggle onward,

Father David+

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