Today is National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day! Let all the earth rejoice!

On this rainy morning as I again have a tough time getting under way, I look out my sliding glass door onto the wet drive, a couple rows of parked cars whose owners are inside their apartments deciding on the Saturday agendas, worn out mattresses piled haphazardly against the dumpsters, the greenness of a blossoming Spring imposed upon the grayness of lake effect skies, a good many Robins, and wondering why it is that things are sometimes not what they appear to be.

Incongruity is often at the roots of amusement, even hilarity. What would we do in such a time as ours without someone’s or some group’s holiday-du-jour celebration taking our minds from the obligatory comings-and-goings seeking to define us, things that are worn demanding replacement, our innate sensibilities seeking to make sense of the nonsensical, the ultimate puzzle of the Kingdom juxtaposed to This World…, without these oddball holidays, such silly distractions attracting our attentions on something as seemingly trivial as a summer food favorite?

Franks-In-Blanks, anyone? Venerate Betty Crocker for she invented these critters. I recommend beer…

And a better, blessed tomorrow to everyone,

Father David+

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