Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi referred to the murdered Officer Evans as a “martyr” for democracy. Indeed, how the officers who wear the shields and bear the brunt of the criminality fostered by a culture soft on offenders, yes, how these are “witnesses” to our liberty to go about our business in the liberty given to us by our Creator, and their witness as the front lines of the government pledged to uphold those liberties.

Then during a news conference Tuesday Pelosi said, “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice,” [italics mine].

That is not new. We recall her interview of Monday, June 8, 2020, as she said, “The martyrdom of George Floyd has evoked such a response of peaceful demonstrators calling for the change that they know our country needs as we go forward.”

Both were murdered. Floyd made no sacrifice, and the Capitol officer could not get out of the path of his killer’s automobile in time. Officer Evans offered up his life for the service of his country. He did not intend his own demise. Neither asked for their end.

But ‘martyrdom’, ‘sacrifice’… One wonders what is going on in the mind of Nancy Pelosi, who has been powerful in public office for decades and had her 81st birthday on March 26. She knows better than to dismiss heinous murders as if the victims actually chose that course.

In any case, prayer is called for, raising up before our Creator the families and friends left behind. From those of us who remain and wonder what has come upon us…


Prayer is requested for Robert Hoogland of British Columbia, People’s Democratic Republic of Canada. He is the father of the 13-year-old boy who fought the court-ordered transgendering of his son. Mr. Hoogland was ordered by the BC court of Appeals to stand down from speaking to the press ever again concerning the outcome and to refer to his son using only female pronouns. On March 19, he was arrested and is being held without bond pending a five-day trial on contempt charges that could land him in prison for up to five years. His trial was scheduled to begin on April 12.

Repeat daily searches have revealed nothing concerning him. It seems that Robert Hoogland has mysteriously disappeared. The silences in his case are nothing new and are deafening.

Yes, pray for Robert Hoogland. But more, if you can find it within you pray for the so-called Judge.


Now a third lawsuit has been filed against the beleagured Colorado baker Jack Phillips by a transgender lawyer named Autumn Scardina, whose hatred of anyone or everyone does not kowtow to her Trans-Tyranny. The baker should countersue, and Scardina should consider her/his state before his/her Creator. Or has she not read or understood that the body that is created is the temple of God, and “if anyone defiles the temple of the God, him/her will the God destroy” (I Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19-20).

How inclusive, St. Paul,,,

Now, if the spineless bishops would stand behind us, no, take the lead with more than barely detectable lip service. But if they do not, we must…

And if the lawyers continue to weaponize the law for attacks on those who abide by the law, then prepare through local organization to defend ourselves where the ‘law’ foments the harassment…

Father David+

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