It would be nice to think of something that might lighten up this morning’s commentary. At 0245, and pondering what the next few hours may bring if a certain verdict is to be announced in Minneapolis this morning, it is a bit difficult.

The judge’s summary instruction concluding the trial proper rightly calls down Rep. Maxine Waters’ incitement of a crowd, that in a district hundreds of miles from her own. Waters said to the crowd that, “we’ve got to get more confrontational…” Yes, Auntie Maxine, more confrontational than the previous four nights of riotous violence and destruction. Translation: Either we get the verdict we want or we ramp up the trashing of anything or everything we see around us.

Waters’ statement is utterly irresponsible at minimum. Her words invite her hearers to a veritable smorgasbord of possible outlets for mayhem. Already seen over the past year as largely immune from much punishment as a consequence of their misdeeds, the gathered throngs receive carte blanche from Rep, Waters to improve upon their performance of the past several nights.

Incredible? Not any longer…

We founded this site to advocate for necessary cultural change to address not only this problem, but any problem. So what is the cultural change that we need/ What is called for when a high-ranking government official displays this sort of conduct? That the constituents of the Congress and other government entities be exposed to liability and punitive actions concerning their actions. Yes, you read that here.

Part of the currently fashionable ‘defund the police’ movements is to abolish protections given to government entities in the reasonable performance of their duties. The police are presently experiencing drives to remove their own “qualified immunity” protections.

Then why not remove similar protections tor the Congress, exposing them to liability and punitive measures for the consequences of their personal statements and actions? This ought to apply especially in cases where there has been a pattern or history of such incendiary provocation, as is clearly the case with Waters.

The words “peaceably to assemble” are ignored entirely by the radical elements of this society. I will cover the significance of those words soon in much greater detail.

Until then, let all do what we are enabled to do to make them pay for their words of hostility to law and order, and show them how we do that apart from violence…

Father David+

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